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What are Essentials Oils?

Mar 3, 2021 | Uncategorized

Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, or simply as the oil of the plant from which they were extracted. They are called essential oils because it contains the “essence” of that plant’s fragrance. 

Some plants yield essential oil from multiple parts of the botanical as well.

For instance, the flowers, petals and buds are used to make essential oils for Clove, Helichrysum, Jasmin, Rose, and Chamomile to name a few.

When working with essential oils to create a product, it is extremely helpful to know what part(s) of a plant were used as this constitutes the aroma, safety and therapeutic properties. Improper use of essentials may cause harm and possible toxic effects. What the leaf of a plant may be useful to help with does not mean that the root or flower may be used for. Also, the smell may be different altering the product.

Not all essentials have a loud scent and when it comes to using them to help aid the body’s healing process, that is not always necessary. Essential oils are powerful and must be mixed with a carrier oil. This too determines how powerful a scent an essential may have once combined with other product ingredients.

What’s important is that you can trust where essentials come from. When we purchase essentials to make Kratos products we know where the plant was grown, ensure it has not been over sourced, what parts were used, type of extraction, and of course that it is pure. This information lets me know what properties are in that oil so I may create a product for a specific purpose.