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About Us

Kratos Health was created with one goal: to bring all-natural personal care products made from real plants, and the highest-quality essential oils—the way nature intended.

At Kratos, all of our products are handmade and tested, ensuring the purity and integrity of the product. We’re fiercely proud to provide amazing products with NO ADDITIVES OR ARTIFICIAL COLORS.

Our skin is the largest organ in the body, and is our body’s shield from the irritants in the air around us. However, this shield doesn’t just protect, it also absorbs. Every chemical and pollutant you encounter throughout the day—detergents, medicines, foods, exhaust—it all gets absorbed by our skin.

It’s time to start treating our skin like the important organ that it is. It’s time to be proactive, instead of reactive, when it comes to protecting this value part of our body.

Kratos offers handmade products, crafted with your skin in mind. We use nature’s bounty as our artistic medium to craft our beautiful, yet nourishing and healing products. Our plant ingredients are all organic, with no harsh chemicals or pesticides used at any stage of the process. The essential oils we use are sourced for from a local botanist.

We know our products work because we’ve put in the hours, the trial and error, and received the education necessary to create the best, most nourishing personal care products available anywhere.

We’re so excited to share our creations with you!